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Secret Chicken Knowledge: I'm Full of It! by Amy Young Miller

 A letter from Amy, blogger at vomitingchicken.com and author of "Secret Chicken Knowledge":


Anybody can do it. It takes just minutes per day, and what you get in return--the best eggs money can buy, companionship, the knowledge of where some of your food is coming from, and of course, constant entertainment--is not even quantifiable!

There are plenty of so-called experts in chicken raising who will try to convince you otherwise, that it takes a boatload of time and a couple tons of research and resources to be successful at raising a flock of chickens. This just isn't true, gentle reader.

I've raised six children, run a small farm (and have written about it all on my blog) and raised livestock, and all the while I've successfully raised a happy, extremely healthy and productive flock. And my chooks have added such value to my life!

I'm tell you this: if I can do this, with all the other demands on my time, ANYBODY CAN DO IT.

I've distilled my twenty years of chicken raising into this valuable list of tips for keeping your chickens happy, healthy and productive, in the least amount of time possible. Also, how to use your chicken bedding to make your garden so. much. better. How to keep your hens laying through the wintertime. How to deal with chicken emergencies. And so much more.

YOU can do it. It's just not that hard. Grab a copy of this book--pay what you want, though the asking price is a very cheap $10--and see how I care for my flock in just minutes per day.

ANYBODY CAN RAISE CHICKENS. And they are sooooo worth it. Every penny, every moment!

Thank you very much for your support!

All the best to you in your chicken-raising adventures!!




Secret Chicken Knowledge: I'm Full of It! by Amy Young Miller

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